These day tour options are for someone who is already at Lushoto.



Approximate trekking loop distance coverage 12km

Walk uphill through traditional villages, farm lands and learn about cultural life of the Shambaa and Kilindi ethnic groups. Interact with the local people and possibly get involved in some farming activities. Keep trekking to Magamba rain forest and enjoy the two horned chameleons on your trail. On the same way learn about spiritual and medicinal herbals as used in everyday life of the traditional Shambaa, Mbugu and Pare speaking people. Get into to the thick rain forest of Magamba a home for different primates. Spend your time watching the black and white colobus monkeys, velvet and blue monkeys. Keep trekking to an old Germany trench and hear about its historical military use by the Germany colonial solders. Get into the cave a few meters in and observe bats hanging on the trench wall while taking some pictures. Hike to the forest peak and enjoy the view of Lushoto town and the royal village. Get your packed or picnic lunch at the same peak and return to town in the same afternoon.

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